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Harnessing Health

The Past, The Present, The Future

Dr Andrew Rochford unravels the mysteries of health and medicine. Exploring the lessons of the past, the science of the present and the predictions for the future, so you can maximise your health and optimise your life.





Doctor, Medical Executive and Media Personality 


Dr Andrew Rochford is an Australian Emergency Doctor,  Medical Executive, Author and Media Personality.

Dr. Andrew Rochford is a renowned figure in the Australian medical and media landscapes, whose journey from an Emergency Doctor to a Medical Executive, Author, and Media Personality reflects a profound commitment to enhancing healthcare. 


After graduating from the prestigious University of Sydney Medical School, where Andrew completed both an undergraduate degree in Medical Science and a Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery with Honours, his career has straddled the cutting edge of medicine and the forefront of health communication.


Andrew's professional life took off in high-pressure environments like Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital and Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital, where his roles ranged from a surgical trainee to an Emergency Registrar. These experiences not only honed his clinical skills but also ignited a passion for healthcare innovation. 


This drive led him to found his own healthcare solutions company, Docta Pty Ltd, that marked the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey into telehealth and digital healthcare solutions. His ventures extended beyond Australian borders to India and Indonesia, where he spearheaded projects to connect remote healthcare services with central clinics and played a key role in developing digital public networks in primary healthcare settings. Andrew recently sold Docta to global healthcare company Aspen Medical. As part of this acquisition Andrew is currently CEO of Aspen Medical’s Indonesian operations and leading their Hospital Infrastructure project across the country to build over 20 Major Hospitals and 600 clinics.


Parallel to his medical and entrepreneurial ventures, Andrew has cultivated a dynamic media career, starting with his memorable appearance on the 2004 series of "The Block." His natural charisma and ability to demystify medical concepts propelled him into the limelight, leading to roles on prime-time television shows, morning radio, and as a health expert on national platforms such as Channel 10’s "The Project" and the Seven Networks “Sunday Night”. His work in media has been an avenue for entertaining and educating the public on health issues, showcasing his ability to blend scientific knowledge with relatable and engaging communication.


Andrew's contributions to health communication also include his authorship of "The Reality Check-Up," a no-nonsense health guide that distils his medical knowledge into practical advice, reflecting his philosophy of applying scientific rigor to everyday health decisions. 


Beyond his professional achievements, Andrew is deeply passionate about family, fitness, and fostering an informed, evidence-based approach to health and wellness. His advocacy work, including his roles as a spokesperson for the Australian Digital Health Agency and ambassador for Drinkwise, highlight his commitment to public health initiatives and advancements.


Dr. Andrew Rochford's multifaceted career —spanning clinical medicine, executive healthcare, innovation, and media — positions him as a pivotal figure in shaping the conversation around health and medicine in Australia and beyond. His unique blend of medical expertise, media presence, entrepreneurial drive, curiosity, hunger of knowledge and passion for engaging communication enables him to articulate a vision for the future of healthcare that is informed by a deep understanding of its past and present challenges.​

Indonesia Hospitals Project

Indonesia Hospital Project

Developing Sustainable Solutions in Healthcare

Dr Andrew is the President Director and CEO of Aspen Medical Indonesia. A joint venture partnership between leading Australian healthcare provider Aspen Medical Pty Ltd and Andrew's company Docta. 


The vision is simple, to deliver developed-world healthcare standards, innovation and outcomes to the developing world. The West Java Healthcare Infrastructure Project, and partnership with Aspen Medical is set to deliver healthcare to millions not just in West Java, but across South East Asia.


Television + Radio

Andrew has nearly 20  years experience across all media platforms including television, radio, print and podcasting.


During his time working across all of Australia's free-to-air networks he has developed a broad media skill-set having experience in live hosting, news reporting, documentary, expert commentary and reality genres. 

He has hosted award winning Podcast "Bounce Back" for Drinkwise and Breakfast Radio for KissFM ( formerly Mix106.5).


Andrew's primary focus is providing authentic and trusted communication. He prides himself on delivering engaging, informative but above all else, entertaining content to the audience no matter the medium.

dr-andrew-rochford - ADHA.jpg


Andrew is proud to be a National spokesperson for the Australian Digital Health Agency and Drinkwise.

Andrew is also the Medical Director for Digital Wellness 

Andrew's passion for driving evidence-based healthcare innovation and change is reflected in his partnerships. 


Drawing on his clinical, media and business expertise Andrew is committed to bringing more than just a recognisable face to his partnerships.

Andrew views his partnerships as collaborations, driven by mutual goals and measures of success. 

Television & Radio
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